Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated by Anthony Robles

Is this a book about strength and conditioning or functional fitness?  No.  Can you learn anything about training from this book?  No.  So what’s it doing on my blog?  After reading this book, you’ll be inspired to accomplish any goal you’ve set.  You’ll understand the human ability to overcome obstacles.  That’s what I want for all of my clients and readers: for you to know that you can do anything, and that nothing can stop you.  Boom.

Anthony Robles was born with one leg to a teenage mother.  He never had a chance, but his mother never let him believe that.  No matter how much he struggled to fit in as a kid, she told him he could do anything he wanted.  In this, his autobiography, Robles tells us exactly how he did just that.

Though at first he was terrible, a teenaged Anthony made up his mind to be a wrestler.  The sport came slowly at first, and he was pinned in half of his matches his first year.  Then he kept believing.  He kept putting in the blood and sweat.  Some years later, when all the dust settled, Robles was an undefeated D-1 NCAA National Champion for Arizona State University.  He won two different ESPY awards and several other honors.

So, remember Anthony Robles the next time you’re squeezing out that last rep, or gutting out one more sprint.  You can finish.  You can lose that weight.  You can ______ (insert your goal here).  How badly do you want it?

Are you going to let a long day at the office stop you from hitting the gym tonight?  Anthony Robles didn’t let having ONE LEG stop him 😉

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