About Us

Our culture is built around the idea that every person is capable of whatever they set their minds to.  I don’t believe in talent, or in one person being born better than another.  I’ve traveled the world to learn how the best coaches and athletes train.  If you train like them, you’ll get the same results.  Check out some of our success stories below.

Gabriel Miranda: Professional MMA Athlete

William Dunkle: Professional MMA Athlete

Michael Garcia: Professional MMA Athlete

Kelsie H: Weight Loss Success

Doug Collins: Professional MMA Athlete

Talon Hoffman: Professional MMA Athlete

Tracey Stone: Boston Marathon Finisher

Austin Glenn: MMA Athlete

Anthony N: Police, SWAT, and Bomb Squad

E.J. Miranda: Champion Weightlifter, Strongman competitor, and Jiu-Jitsu player.  

Lindsay K: Weight loss success

Jessica J.: Wildland Fire Hotshot Crew

Jared Craine: MMA Athlete

Joel U: Senior Firefighter/Medic

Canyon Springs High School Weightlifting Clinics

Mountain View High School Softball

Captain Steve T.: Firefighter

Mary A: Health and Weightloss Success