Train to Hunt: with Expert Guest Zach Owens

Hunting has been around for as long as life itself.  Over the centuries, though, we’ve gained simpler and simpler access to food, without stalking our own wild game.  With grocery stores and quickie marts lining our streets, some do still hunt for food; but the majority of hunters view the pastime as a sport or hobby.

Here at, we’re all about preparing you to live the athletic lifestyle you choose.  Like to hunt?  You’ll need a well conditioned aerobic system (cardio), a powerful core, plus strong legs and glutes.

We’re going to spend some time this week with guest expert Zach Owens.  This dude is legit.  Idaho born and raised, Zach takes naturally to hunting, and several gear manufacturers have noticed; setting Zach up as a spokesman/sponsored athlete for their hunting wares.  Owens raises hound dogs, bow hunts for deer and elk, and chases mountain lions through the hills of Idaho.  Did I mention that Zach is also a professional MMA fighter and kickboxer?  Let’s see what he’s got…

Zach and I are going to check out some of his unusual training methods.  In next week’s exercise demo videos, we’ll show you how a pro trains to hunt.  I’ll also share some simple modifications to make variations of Zach’s extreme training work for you.

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