Sunday School or Oprah? Who Manifests Best?

In this new, enlightened age, a lot of us have grown up to condemn the religions of our parents. People have come to understand that the church has been used to control and oppress people throughout history, and our culture’s collective intelligence has progressively shifted away from the rules and regulations of religious condemnation. For many new age thinkers, that means lots of talk about vibrations, law of attraction, and “manifesting your dream life”; and I think all of that is great… but what if Mom and Dad were right about more than you want to admit?

The Law of Attraction is amazing. It’s a practical way of understanding the way that the physical universe works; just like gravity is. Your thoughts have a physical frequency, which is broadcast by your brain, into the world around you. Those “radio waves” travel out into the world, and attract back people, things, and opportunities that are on the same frequency as YOU.

If you want to believe in the Law of Attraction- awesome. That means that:

A) You can have, do, or be anything that you want.

B) If you are not achieving A, you have to take responsibility for that.

You’re creating whatever circumstances exist in your life right now. You can create new circumstances too… but you have to change the way you think/believe, speak, and ACT first.

Personally, I’ve had to think long and hard about what that meant on lots of occasions. I can tell you that certain activities consistently “raise your vibration”, and bring you closer to whatever dream life you’re trying to manifest. Those things are love, reading, exercise, positive thinking, generosity, etc.

Certain other things consistently “lower your vibration”, and eventually lead to circumstances that DELAY THE FULFILLMENT OF YOUR BIGGEST GOALS. Oddly enough, these usually turn out to be the same “sins” that they warned us about in Sunday school. It’s not just Christians either. It seems like the fathers of many religions had ancient knowledge that some things just are not good for us: drugs, pornography, alcohol, promiscuous sex, gambling, etc.

SO WHAT’S THE DEAL?!?!?!?!? Here’s why they were right all along:

All of those activities, and others like them, affect the way your brain works on a physical and chemical level. They are scrambling your radio transmitter, and changing the frequency of the “radio waves” being sent out by your brain.

When your brain is sending out that scrambled signal, no matter how “together” you think you have it, you’ll NEVER get people, things, or opportunities work out as they were meant to in your life. You’ll ALWAYS attract results that are on the wrong frequency for you. Here’s some proof: