Online Personal Coaching

$485.00 per month

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With Personal Coaching Online, you and I will team up to get you results.  We’ll be in daily communication to keep you on track.  You’ll get:

  • Science based training programs, customized to meet your needs.
  • Two weekly video calls for personal coaching.
  • Daily text message communication to keep all of your questions answered.
  • Nutritional guidance; I’ll teach you about what to eat.  You’ll keep a food journal and we’ll check progress together weekly.
  • Accountability.  We’ll set goals together, and I’ll help you stick to them.
  • I’ll share my favorite mindset exercises for success.
  • Access to the whole website Group Fitness Community:
    • User forum for Q/A, chat, and support.
    • Members Only training and Nutrition Articles.
    • Members’ Exercise Demo. Video Library.
    • Reading lists and reviews of the books that have helped me the most.
    • Weekly group video trainings.