MMA Muscle

Are you a serious mixed martial artist looking to take your game to the next level? Or a functional fitness fan who wants to get in top “fighter” shape without ever stepping into the cage? Either way, this program will give you the results you’re after! Years of learning from the world’s best strength coaches, studying science based strength and conditioning, and training top MMA professionals has allowed me to come up with a system that will make you:

  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • More Powerful
  • Never gas out!

It will even work with your busy training schedule and/or hectic work life!

MMA Muscle is 100% time and energy efficient. Reduce soreness, recover more fully, and still make better gains than the competition.

MMA Muscle has helped fighters all across the USA outperform and outlast their opponents. The concepts and programs in this E-book work, because they are based on SCIENCE. There’s no winging it here.

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Want to get faster? You need to do specific workouts designed to improve your speed. *Included here.

Want to get stronger? You need to do specific workouts designed to make you stronger. *Included here.

Want to have more endurance? You need to do specific workouts designed to increase your endurance. *Included here.


My program, MMA Muscle, uses short periodized blocks that allow you to concentrate on each goal for a specific amount of time. The end result is maximum gains in all areas!

not a functional exercise


Lots of us learned how to lift weights in high school, and some guys are still doing the same classic bodybuilder moves their dad taught them in the garage at age 14…
Bodybuilding workouts will not make you a better athlete!

Bodybuilders, and lots of guys training for general fitness, isolate body parts in their training. The goal, for them, is to isolate certain muscles and achieve hypertrophy. They live for the “pump”.

joe to pro athlete means functional


If you’re a martial artist, or a functional fitness enthusiast, you shouldn’t care about isolating muscles. Your goal is to improve your body’s functional movement patterns. Let your body work as a whole, like it’s intended to do.


For your BEST performance, you need to understand how the body works. So MMA Muscle will teach you:

  • How to train the right energy systems in your body for jaw dropping cardio endurance.
  • How to build Alactic Capacity and the ability to explode powerfully, even in the final round.
  • The fastest, most effective way to build strength and power.


  • MMA MUSCLE complete training e-book, including 5 full chapters on strength and conditioning for MMA.
  • TWO comprehensive start to finish plans for training like a professional fighter. Programs are adjustable from 6 to 9 weeks, and they have each been used to help my Pro fighters get big wins.
  • A dynamic warm-up for combat sports.
  • Tips for customizing your program to fit your schedule and specific goals.
  • 15 exercise demo videos for some of the more unusual movements found in your program.

What are you waiting for?

Q) Who is MMA ripped for?

A) MMA ripped is for serious functional fitness buffs and legit mixed martial artists. I have trained professional fighters with the programs outlined in this short book.

Q) Can a beginner do it?

A) Yes! In fact, learning proper training habits and technique from the start will keep you safer than learning by trial and error. Plus, you’ll make gains even faster than the guys who have been training for a while.

Q) What if I’m not 21 anymore?

A) You can get results from this program too! One of my clients, Blake, is nearly 40 and just used this program to get in the best shape of his life, allowing him to step into the cage for the first time!

Q) What if it doesn’t work?

A) It will. I promise. If you follow one of my programs to completion, and you don’t get results, call me personally for a FULL REFUND.


“I’ve been fighting for over 10 years. Most of it as a professional so I’ve seen it all. After a few losses and some time off, I almost retired. Instead I started training with Joe. He got me in the best fight shape of my life! Now I’m 3-0 since we met including a win over a UFC veteran.”

– Gabriel Miranda, MMA Pro and title holder

“I wrestled at Oregon State University and I’ve been in almost 30 professional MMA fights. MMA Muscle is the best training program I’ve been on in all that time.”

– Talon Hoffman, MMA Pro and title holder

“I used MMA Ripped to get ready for my first MMA fight. It was very different from anything I’ve done before. I loved the explosive exercises. It was lots of fun! It also worked! Thanks Joe!”

– Michael Garcia, Amateur MMA Athlete

“I trust any of my athletes to Joe’s strength and conditioning programs.”

– Brandon Shuey, MMA pro, Strikeforce veteran, and former 3 x world champion

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Claim your copy of MMA Muscle now, and start training like a real pro fighter today!