5 Essential Exercises

These 5 movements will help anyone build a strong foundation for fitness success. Check out each video for a full demonstration. Here’s why each is so important:

  1. Bird dog- This is a full body exercise that builds stability in your core. Work your abs, shoulders, hips, back, and thighs.

2. Side Plank- Work deep spinal stabilizers without stressing your low back, and help to reduce your risk of spinal injury.

3. McGill Crunches- This exercise strengthens your abs in a similar way to a sit-up, but without excessive spinal flexion. Try keeping your spine in a neutral “zone”, as much as possible.

4. Wall Slides with External Rotation- Shoulder injuries often occur because the muscles in the front of our bodies get stronger and tighter than the ones in the rear. In general, we need to stretch the muscles in our chest, anterior delts, and abs; while strengthening our rear delts, rhomboids, and external rotators. This movement will help you do all of that without equipment.

5. Split Squats- Stretch your hips and legs while building strength in your whole lower body and core. Improve balance and your ability to do heavy squats or advanced exercises, later.